Propane Boilers

Propane Boiler Installation

Upgrade your home heating system with a propane boiler installation. Propane boilers are a reliable and efficient way to keep your home warm during the colder months, and they offer benefits like lower energy costs and reduced carbon emissions. Our team of expert technicians will provide a seamless installation process, ensuring that your new propane boiler is up and running in no time. Contact us to learn more about our propane boiler installation services and start enjoying the benefits of a warm and comfortable home.

Propane Boiler Repair

If you’re experiencing issues with your propane boiler, don’t let the problem go unsolved. Our team of experienced heating technicians is here to help with all your propane boiler repair needs. We understand the importance of having a reliable heating system, especially during the colder months, and we’re dedicated to providing fast and effective solutions to get your propane boiler up and running again.

Propane Boiler Maintenance

Keep your propane boiler running at its best with our expert maintenance services. Regular maintenance is crucial to ensure that your propane boiler operates efficiently, reliably, and safely. Our team of skilled heating technicians will perform a thorough inspection and cleaning of your propane boiler, checking for any potential issues, replacing any worn parts, and optimizing its performance.

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Propane Boiler Questions

We are here to serve you with any request for your propane furnace needs. Turn to us for repairs, installations and maintenance when you need a heating solution in Rhode Island.

When Do I Get My Propane Boiler Serviced?

The record cold these days is nothing to joke about. Having a working heating system that is operating efficiently can be life saving. Make sure you have maintenance routine for your boiler. ¬†We are here to help you with all plumbing and heating needs, but also boiler expertise you won’t find anywhere else.

What Are The Benefits of Using A Propane Boiler?

Propane is a cleaner burning fuel that anything else. It has lower fuel cost as well and is considered the most environmentally friendly fuel source.

Can A Propane Boiler Be Used for Both Heating and Hot Water?

Yes, in almost all cases, the boiler will provide both heat and hot water for the home or business. A steam type system would still require a hot water heater to produce hot water.

What is The Expected Lifespan of a Propane Boiler?

You can expect to get over 20 years of use from a propane boiler but that is based on a well maintained and cared for boiler.

What Propane Services and Locations Do You Cover?

Our boiler company services propane boilers for any city in Rhode Island. Here is a list for Johnston, RI:

  • Propane Boiler Install Johnston, RI
  • Propane Boiler Repair Johnston, RI
  • Propane Boiler Maintenance Johnston, RI
  • Propane Boiler Johnston, RI

Looking for a propane boiler repair company or services in cities like Cranston, Warwick, and Providence, RI? We cover all of RI with our boiler services.

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