Oil Fired Boilers


Oil Boiler Installations

Are you in the Johnston or Rhode Island area looking to have a oil boiler installed? Come to the experts at Kwik for any boiler installations, especially oil fired.  The next step is to contact our live boiler tech using the live chat below. If you don’t see the live chat you can click here.

Oil Boiler Repair

If you are having issues with your oil heat or boiler and need help immediately, you can call or use the live chat at the bottom of the page. Our live chat is operated by licensed tech’s who can answer every question you might have right now. We have been helping residents of Johnston, RI and all of Rhode Island with their oil boiler repairs for many years.


Oil Boiler Maintenance

Is your oil boiler due for maintenance? Don’t wait until it’s too late and you’re left in the cold. Our team of experienced boiler technicians are here to ensure your oil boiler is running efficiently and reliably. From cleaning the burner and heat exchanger to checking for leaks and ensuring proper combustion, we’ll make sure your boiler is operating at its best. Don’t risk a breakdown when you need your heating the most – schedule your oil boiler maintenance with us today!


Choose The Type Of Oil Heating

Find the best service, information and expertise.

Oil Boiler Questions

We are here to help answer all of your oil boiler related questions beyond the FAQ section. All you need to do is start a live chat with us and ask your questions!

How Do You Maintain An Oil Fired Boiler?

Schedule an annual tune-up so that you can be assured of its working condition.  You can also make sure your boiler area is clean and uncluttered, with any debris or flammable materials are out of the way. A tech will check your pressure, safety features, and perform cleanings.

What If My Boiler Ran Out Of Oil?

The realization that you no longer have any heat can also come with the realization that you ran dry of oil in your boiler tank.  Overheating or air in the lines can cause damage so it is important not to attempt to run your heat if the oil gets too low.  A simple priming can sometimes restore the boiler so that oil can be added again.

Are Oil Boilers More Hazardous?

As long as you properly maintain your boiler and fuel storage throughout the lifespan of your boiler, there should never be an issue.  Many oil boiler issues happen when the fuel is stored in a terrible place which then catches fire.  Being cautious of fuel storage is vital to anyone who wants to keep their home safe.

Do these boiler services cover all of Rhode Island?

Yes, we cover all of Rhode Island and all of its towns.  You can especially find us close to Johnston, RI with these services:

  • Oil Boiler Install, Johnston RI
  • Oil Boiler Repair, Johnston RI
  • Oil Boiler Maintenance, Johnston RI
  • Oil Boiler Company, Johnston RI
  • Oil Boiler Service, Johnston RI
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