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Well, howdy there! Here at Kwik Plumbing & Heating, our team of seasoned heating technicians has dealt with all sorts of propane forced hot water boilers – from installation to repair – and we’re mighty proud to say we’ve helped out many homeowners in and around Johnston, RI. These boilers are a reliable and efficient heating option for many folks, and we’ve installed and serviced them in all kinds of homes. We can perform maintenance on every aspect of these boilers, including the propane furnace, ductwork, and steam distribution components. And when it comes to repairs, we’ve seen it all – from pesky ductwork leaks to tricky thermostats and burner components.

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Propane forced hot water systems use propane fuel that heats a system of pipes to warm certain areas of the home. Propane is a great fuel to be using to heat your Rhode Island home due to its high efficiency burn. If you have been dealing with a lot of repairs and boiler issues, installing a new boiler may be the only fix.  It’s always important to maintenance boilers that use this type of fuel because of the build up residue left behind. If you have more questions or need our services dial us up @ 401 639 1047 and let us be the answer to your heating system needs.

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Forced Hot Water Questions

What Time Of Year Is Best To Have My Boiler Serviced?

With winter on the horizon, folks are starting to reckon they need to get their boiler serviced up right and proper. Some savvy ones who planned ahead already scheduled an earlier time to beat the rush. But even if you haven’t, no need to fret – Kwik Plumbing RI can still send over some skilled experts to install or fix whatever you need, anytime. Don’t let the cold catch you unprepared, partner up with Kwik Plumbing RI and keep your home cozy all season long!

What Are These Boiler Noises?

Limescale build-up is often the case when your boiler begins to make banging noises.  This is common when there is a desperate need of maintenance. These boilers need to be cleaned and flushed in order to be restored to their working order.

Kettling is a sign of neglect and is never a good spot to be in with your home. Take care of this right away by live chatting or calling the friendly professionals here at Kwik Plumbing RI.

How Often Should I Service My Boiler?

Scheduling your maintenance every year is a sure way to avoid many boiler repair issues that could end up costing more.  Ensure the quality and safety of your boiler by giving us a call today.

How Much Experience Does Kwik Have?

You are in safe hands when it comes to our decades of family operated business experience.  We are looking to make customers for life as your local and reliable boiler repair company.

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Propane Forced Hot Water

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