Kwik Plumbing and Heating Inc. is a family business that has been in the plumbing and heating industry for over three generations. Because of this, we are knowledgeable about every type of heating system, no matter the age or fuel it uses. We are also very skilled when it comes to the latest high-efficiency heating equipment. Kwik’s technicians are Navien specialists, capable of repairing or installing all brands.

If you need immediate service or have questions, you can ask our licensed technicians by clicking the white bubble in the bottom right corner. The technician can also set up an appointment for repairs or installations to take care of any of your plumbing or heating issues.

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Kwik Plumbing and Heating Inc is a family business that has been in the Plumbing and Heating industry for 3 generations now. Because of this we are extremely knowledgeable on every type of Heating system no matter the age or fuel that it uses. We are also very skilled and knowledgeable when it comes to the latest high efficiency Heating equipment. Kwik’s technicians are Navien specialists but are capable of repairing or installing all brands.

If you need immediate service or have questions you can ask a very skilled licensed technician by clicking the white bubble in the bottom right corner. The technician can also set up a appointment for repairs or installs to take care of any of your Plumbing or Heating issues.


Heating Services

We offer quality heating services that have served Rhode Island for generations. Kwik is here to get the job done and help our community stay warm and safe. Emergency services are available 24/7 but, if anything is life threatening or fire related, you should call 911 immediately.

Our technicians cover all boiler services including install, repair and maintenance.
Leak Detection
We are able to quickly identify and fix leaks. If it is a gas leak or carbon monoxide, we can detect it and address the problem.
On-Call 24 / 7
Kwik is on-call for emergency services, for the purpose of maintaining the emergency. Full repairs and services are conducted during business hours.
Resident & Commercial
We accept jobs of any size. If you need a commercial plumbing or heating solution give us a call.

Plumbing Services

Have a Kwik plumbing and heating technician inspect your heating system and write up a recommendation report. This report will list all issues that the technician has observed. We will tell you the severity and how quickly this issue should be taken care of, as well as, explain exactly what will happen as far as loss of operation and the extent of possible water damage. Each report comes with an estimated price for repair. (Honored for 30 days) Get your Heating System Inspection Report

If you live in an apartment building, you’re sure to see a
sign put up by management to keep your faucet dripping.
If your old bathtub has seen better days but you’re
hesitating to replace it because of the high costs.
After you try to wipe away debris by hand, it’s time
to turn to a chemical drain cleaner.
You’re ready to do some plumbing work in your house,
and have to learn how to solder copper.

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A small leak can end up costing you big bucks. It only takes a small leak on a faucet or a toilet that constantly runs to end up costing you hundreds or even thousands in a single month. Also, if your leak is going down a cast iron drain line, that constant leak can cause the cast iron pipe to crack. So, don’t ignore leaks because they appear to be minor; in the end, they will be massive.
If you have a drain in your house that is draining slower and slower over time, be smart and proactive about the situation before that drain stops working completely. Most people don’t even think about how important a working drain line is in their house until they no longer have one. Especially if its your main sewer line that ends up clogged and backing up. This means no working toilet, shower, sink, or washing machine.

So if you begin to see the signs that there is a problem, give us a call and we will first locate where the problem spot is and which fixtures are effected. We will then find the best location for us to be able to gain access to the inside of your drain line at the location nearest to the clog. Then, select which drain cleaning machine is required for that size drain line. We will then give you a great estimate for the service. As long as you agree that it is a great price and would like us to continue.

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Regular Plumbing repairs and upkeep
will save your time & money


Household water usage that goes to toilets, showers & faucets


The average US family can waste from ignoring household leaks


Yearly savings by servicing your water leaks instead of simply ignoring them and thinking its no big deal. A small leak that is going 24 hours a day equals a ton of water and money when it comes to your water and sewer bill.

Natural Gas fired Boiler Cleaning
$20 off

Toilet Replacement
$20 off

Drain cleaning
$10 off

Available for Emergency Plumbing and Heating Service

We always arrive as quickly as possible to address our customers Plumbing and Heating issues. We always respond to all our customers requests. This is why we have had some customers for decades. Once we offer our services to most customers they continue to call us for all their Plumbing, Heating and Drain Cleaning needs.
We do offer 24 hour emergency services but only in the case of a real Plumbing or Heating emergency. If you are in a situation where you have a very large leak or flood and cannot contain it, we will respond to the emergency for you but most likely not to make repairs. We come out to get the situation under control until we can make the appropriate repairs on the next day during normal business hours. You will be charged if emergency action is taken.
Kwik Plumbing and Heating's technicians are very knowledgeable in the Plumbing and Heating trade and are always thriving to learn the latest equipment so that we can install and repair all types of Plumbing and Heating fixtures and equipment.
Most of Kwik Plumbing and Heating's work is covered by a 1 year warranty. If the work is covered by a 1 year warranty we will document it by writing it on the invoice or the receipt. There are certain jobs that are not covered with a 1 year warranty like Drain Cleanings. So please ask us and we will always let you know if the type of work you are requesting is covered.
Servicing Areas
East Greenwich
West Warwick
All of Rhode Island

Trusted Plumbing Professionals

Nothing wears on homeowners like the idea of handling plumbing problems. From the water heater to sewer line, we take the pressure off of you (and put it back in your shower lines). Our plumbers are the most recognized professionals in the world because we’re committed to amazing service and nothing wears on homeowners like the idea of handling plumbing problems.


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