Drain Cleaning

Drain Cleaning in all of RI

Drain Cleaning
We provide complete drain cleaning and clog removal services to ensure that your sewer lines are operating correctly. We have many different machines for different applications.
Clog Removal
Kwik has every different sized sewer machines so they can correctly snake any size drain line.
Camera Inspections
Kwik can send a inspection camera into your sewer line to observe the condition of the inside ofcthe sewer line also showing any issuesvthat observed. As long as the line is empty and does not have any liquid or objects. They can also give a copy of the sewer line camera inspection video.
Sewer Line Locating
They can mark the ground showing the direction of the sewer line as well as the depth of it.

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Repairs & Maintenance

How can I prevent clogs in my drain pipes?

Avoid putting food waste, grease, hair, and other debris down the drain. Running hot water is a great way to flush your drain naturally and having a strainer over the drain can help keep just liquid inside your drain.

What are some common signs that my drain needs cleaning?

If you are noticing slow drainage and noises coming from the drag it would be a clear sign you have some blockage.  Any leaks can also be repaired by our techs.

What should I do if I've tried to clear a clogged drain myself, but it's still not working?

Contact one of our experts on live chat or by phone so we can come out and look at the drain.  Try to keep as little as possible from moving through the drain once its clogged and wait for us to arrive.