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Most home owners are going with natural gas as a fuel source for their heating system these days for good reason. First it burns very clean which means the heating system does not get full of debris as quickly and does not need to be cleaned as often as other fuel sources equipment.

Natural gas fired chimney vented heating systems should be serviced around every 3 years or so. This is if the heating system has been regularly serviced like this steadily. If the system was neglected for many years then you finally have it serviced it is recommended that you have it serviced one year after that also to get the boiler back on track running as efficiently as possible. Having your system serviced not only helps with how it runs and the performance but it gives the technician a chance to catch any other possible things that could be going wrong or catch something that is about to go on the system. Please read more below to learn key facts about these kinds of systems. Also if you need service please contact us either through the Live Chat were a technician can answer all of your questions and schedule appointments. Also you can contact through the form or by calling us direct.

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Repair – We offer emergency repairs along with our reliable services and can get it done the first time!
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Forced Hot Water Questions

We hope to answer all of your specific questions related to forced hot water boilers and heating. If you do not see your question below you can start a live chat with us at the bottom of the page.

What type of maintenance needs to be done on a Natural Gas Forced Hot Water Boilers?

– Any type of equipment that runs on natural gas generally runs relatively clean. This does not mean it never needs to be cleaned or maintained. A natural gas fired system should be cleaned a maintained at least once every 3 years or so. Click here for more info.

– Another recommended service is to change 3 pressure parts that protect your boiler and could be the deciding factor weather you lose your boiler earlier then expected and need to replace it. We recommend changing these 3 parts every 10 years. This could help give you an e tea 5-10 years of life on your boiler. Please click here for more info

What type of maintenance service is recommended by Kwik and boiler manufacturers on both conventional chimney vented gas boilers and wall hung tankless high efficiency gas boilers?

Gas fired boilers run very clean so on a conventional chimney vented boiler you can get away with having it serviced and cleaned every 3 years or so as long as you keep up with it every 3 years. This will help the boiler run as efficiently as possible and it will help to avoid any possible break downs during the winter when it’s working hard.

On a gas fired wall hung tankless high efficiently boiler that condensates. Any boiler that is over %90 AFUE most likely condensates. it needs to be serviced every year for a few different reasons and is highly recommended by the equipment manufacturer.

Thr first service that needs to be done on all tankless equipment is pumping descaling chemical through its heat exchangers. Scale is like a white crust that builds up and causes corrosion, leaks and can clog passages. Basically it can destroy a brand new unit in a matter of a few years depending on water quality within only a few years. This is extremely important and should be done every year if you want to get many years of life from the unit. There are multiple filters that also need to be cleaned during this service.

An optional item that we highly recommend is a magnetic filter which removes pretty much everything that destroys these units from the water. It can give you about double the life of what you could get with that equipment.  During the service this filter simply needs to be cleaned off and put back together. The small amount it cost to install one can double the life on your very expensive equipment.

If you have any other questions please contact us with live chat, contact form or phone.

When Do I Service A Natural Gas Boiler?

It is so important to keep up with your boiler maintenance. We cannot stress this enough. Scheduling your maintenance every year is a sure way to avoid many boiler repair issues that could end up costing more.  Ensure the quality and safety of your boiler by giving us a call today.

Does my Tankless high efficiency Boiler, Combi or Water Heater need to be serviced?

If you would like your equipment to keep running as efficiently as possible and also avoid future equipment break downs you should have your equipment serviced every year. All equipment that is high efficiency and condensates builds up a white scale. This scale builds up from the inside and clogs passages and corrodes everything from the inside out. A descaling chemical needs to be pumped through the heat exchanger and back out in a loop to break down and remove all the scale. This scale can destroy your heat exchanger and internal parts very quickly causing your equipment to start leaking internally and then completely destroying your unit. Besides flushing the unit with chemical there are a few other items that need to be serviced in the unit as well. There are a few different screens and filters that need to be cleaned like the air intake filter, domestic water inlet filter, condensate filter and the heating supply filter. So any of the tankless equipment for heating, hot water or both the equipment should be serviced every year if you would like it to continue to run efficiently and also to avoid future break downs.

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Natural Gas Forced Hot Water

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